Quotations are based on an assessment of the document you submit. This takes into account the skill and time required to complete the work, and the complexity of the job.

My normal rates are between $40 – $50 per hour. However, I prefer to assess each job on an individual basis to determine the level of editing required and then provide you with a firm quotation for your work. This way you’ll know your total cost upfront.

The table below outlines the charge for each type of service and the approximate number of pages which I can proofread / edit per hour.

Note: larger jobs (eg. 100+ pages) may qualify for a discount.

Service Hourly Rate
Approx. pages
per hour
(1.5 spaced)
Proofreading $40 10 pages
Editing (light edit) $45 8 pages
Editing (medium edit)
eg. manuscript editing
$50 6 pages
Editing (heavy edit)
eg. English language editing
$55 5 pages
Document formatting $40 10 pages
Proofreading & document formatting $55 5 pages